Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner: Your Choice


Pastor Marty Baker preaches on the foundation of truth from God as opposed to the opinions of the world, and the reason it is so important. 

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Pastor's Corner: Sinking Sand


Pastor Marty offers reflection on our intentions of life to show light on foolish mistakes and where they lead. 

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Pastor's Corner: The Presence of the Lord


Seeking the presence of the Lord to find his calling for your life is the urgent message from Pastor Marty in this segment.

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Pastor's Corner: Messy Grace


Pastor Marty shares a sympathy for expectations on hard people, but gives light to the expectation God gives us.
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Pastor's Corner: Acceptance and Approval


A revealing point about how Jesus sees us and how we are to responsibly accept others in our walk of faith.
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Pastor's Corner: Who am I?


Pastor Marty offers advice on our selection of friends, and what should really matter for the long run.
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Pastor's Corner: God keeps promises


Pastor Mo Huggins passionately reassures us that no matter what, God keeps his promises. 

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